Cobra Network Solutions

Cobra Network Solutions is a Complete Computer Business Application.

It is an Advanced, powerful, flexible complete web application or website for computer repair shops, designed and developed for fun and profit.

It offers the following services:

1. Smartphone Data Security, Recovery and Transfert (SMS, Contacts, Photos, Videos, Documents)

Cobra Network Solutions helps smartphones & tablets owners recover all deleted and lost data from their android devices, iphone and ipad. Never worry about losing your smartphone or tablet data again. Our tools even allow us to preview your data, sms and contact before recovery or tranfer, so you only bring the files you want and need back to life: recover contacts, sms, photos & more from android devices, iphone and ipad; access both the internal & external memory card in the device; extract all media files in your smartphone or tablet, including photos, videos & music files; preview your data before choosing to recover or transfert.
Price Range: $50 - $75

2. Smartphone Diagnostic, Repair and Unlocking (Android Devices, iPhone and iPad)

Cobra Network Solutions offers diagnostics, repair and unlocking services to smartphones & tablets owners (android devices, iphone and ipad). Does your smartphone stop working ? Is your touchscreen unresponsive or broken ? Bring it to us, we can fix it. Is your smartphone locked ? Cobra Network Solutions can help solve this problem. Remember, since February 11, 2015, it is legal to unlock your phone, once the two-year contract with your smartphone carrier is paid up. So anyone whose two-year contract is up can unlock his smartphone legally.
Price Range: $75 - $150

3. OS Installation, Virus Removal and Data Recovery for iMac, Macbook Pro, PC and Laptop

Cobra Network Solutions installs your os, removes virus, scans & analyzes your data fast & gets a comprehensive file preview before restoration. We bring back your lost data just as you remembered it and no matter if it's deleted, formatted or inaccessible: recover all deleted files including videos, photos, music & more; bring back lost files from a formatted partition or drive, usb drive, zip drive or camera flash memory card; deep scan & recover data even when the file system is corrupted; retrieve corrupted or lost partitions, with all data intact; preview files before recovery; use the file searching function after scanning to find target files in a short time.
Price Range: $150 - $1,000

4. Computer Network Design, Installation, Troubleshooting and Repair

Cobra Network Solutions specializes in network design, installation, troubleshooting and repair for businesses and starpups. Whether you need a basic local area network (LAN), sophisticated wide area network (WAN), virtual private network (VPN), wireless network, or a hosted networking solution, our networking consultants are here to help. We offer a large selection of onsite and managed network services. We can build your network from the ground up or reengineer an existing network: data & voice network cabling; network hardware installation and configuration; server setup and configuration; file and printer sharing configuration; internet access configuration; client-based security software configuration; wireless networking configuration; network troubleshooting and repair. Price Range: $1,000 - $6,000

Key Features include:

1. Powerful Client Portal
2. Premium Services with Huge Net Profit
3. Effective Contact Form
4. Scalable Cloud Application

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