If you are interested in starting your own fully automated, multi-users and multi-languages Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform for small businesses and startups, then GeekTasks.com is Perfect Solution for you. Catchy name, easy to remember and the ending .com make this domain name particularly valuable.

GeekTasks.com can be used to build a Complete Project Management System for small businesses and startups with custom features: projects & tasks management, clients management, invoices & estimates management, jobs & contracts management, tickets management with kanban board, payments & expenses management, time management,  chat or chatbot messaging management system, etc. 

GeekTasks.com can also be used to run your own SaaS CRM Service with Paypal and/or Stripe recurring payments integration, invoices management, helpdesk or tickets management, notifications management, subscriptions and billing management, etc.

As you can see, GeekTasks.com has a strong profit potential and the ability to attract more traffic to your site. Buy it now at $6,000 or send your best offer at support@appdevbusiness.com.