is a profitable and premium domain name for tech startups.

With the demand of scalable web applications growing at such a fast pace, there is lot of pressure on corporates and SME’s to adopt Javascript as a full-stack strategy for augmenting their growth. To fulfill this ever growing demand many cross-platform javascript frameworks are becoming popular, to cut down on time and cost. 

NodeJS, AngularJs, React Js using javascript are powering this development strategy to build cool javascript solutions. NodeJS have become a boon for many back-end and full-stack developers. It gave a very strong base for all JS programmers, helping them build both front-end and back-end applications in JavaScript, without any need of a browser.

React Stack powered by NodeJS helps developers or startups build world class and scalable applications. React Stack has become very popular among front-end developers. It has taken over all others javascript frameworks and libraries. It is the leading technology for front-end development, user interface design, even for application programming interface (API) design. 

So, investing in a domain name like makes sense. It is a good domain name for the following reasons:

1. It is a profitable investment.

2. It uses the .com extension.

3. It is 15 characters or less.
4. It can be used to build a Multi-Seller eLearning Platform like Udemy, or a React Consulting Startup or a Profitable Blog Portal (Content Management System).

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